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Get Noticed: Graphic Design Assistance for Conservative Christian Leaders

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Do your print designs and e-mails capture people’s attention? Do they speak directly to your target audience?

If you struggle to create good-looking materials for your organization or business, I can help you.

Sarah Kanz, The Ministry Assistant
I’m Sarah Kanz, The Ministry Assistant, owner of Sunlight Desktop Publishing, and publisher of Sunlight Bibles Individual Books of the Bible.

Since 1995, I have worked as an administrative and publications assistant to nonprofit organizations and Christian leaders. Working closely with writers and editors, I take text, photos, and a desired result, then mix them together to tell a story to a target audience.

Some of my past clients include:
  • Sen. Ellen Craswell—Statewide Publications Director, The Ellen Craswell for Governor Campaign; Layout Editor and Database Manager, Family In Touch Newsletter
  • Freedom Foundation (formerly, Evergreen Freedom Foundation)—Project Assistant, Faith-Based Welfare Reform
  • National Family Preservation Network—Executive Assistant
  • Alliance of Christian Musicians—Secretary and Administrative Assistant

The theme verse for my business is Deuteronomy 32:3: “...I will publish the name of the LORD: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.”

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me reading a good book. I also like to relax with friends and family, organize anything and everything, crochet, sing harmony, play the piano, and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

You can reach me by e-mail at or by direct message on Facebook at Sarah Kanz - The Ministry Assistant.


Ron Bechtel: “Sarah graciously provided essential support with a service-oriented spirit marked by time-sensitivity and marketplace savvy. Her knowledge of technology greatly enhanced the quality of our organization’s communications while remaining firmly within budget limitations. I highly recommend Sarah as your virtual ministry assistant. I am confident that she will help you improve your productivity and, likely, ... will relieve your stress!”

Molly Merry: “Sarah is cheerful, easy to work with, thorough, and has wonderful suggestions. She wants everything right and I am assured when working with her that there will be no errors. Plus Sarah is friendly and professional, with impeccable character.”

Read more testimonials and see samples of my work on my Facebook Page.

Connect with Sarah

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