Look & Sound Your Best In Print: Graphic Design Assistance for Conservative Christian Leaders

. E-mail Sarah Kanz, The Ministry Assistant Do your print designs and e-mails capture people’s attention? Do they speak directly to your target audience? If you struggle to create good-looking materials for your organization or business, I can help you. I’m Sarah Kanz, The Ministry Assistant, owner of Sunlight Desktop Publishing, and publisher of  Sunlight Bibles  Individual Books of the Bible. Since 1995, I have worked as an administrative and publications assistant to nonprofit organizations and Christian leaders. Working closely with writers and editors, I take text, photos, and a desired result, then mix them together to tell a story to a target audience. Some of my past clients include: Sen. Ellen Craswell—Statewide Publications Director, The Ellen Craswell for Governor Campaign; Layout Editor and Database Manager, Family In Touch Newsletter Freedom Foundation (formerly, Evergreen Freedom Foundation)—Project Assistant, Faith-Based Welfare Reform National Family P
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